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Subcutaneous lipoemulsion is a very effective technique not bloody and well tolerated


The most innovative and reliable technology for the removal of cellulite and localized fat deposits approved by LESC.

Safe and non-invasive method

No need for sedation

Produced in Italy with ministerial certification

LESC Association

The LESC Association (Subcutaneous lipoemulsion association) consists of aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons and dermatologists present throughout Italy.

The LESC medical association constantly makes its members available all information and updates on the method.

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Method LESC

(Localized adiposity)

Lesc is the acronym of subcutaneous lipoemulsion and is exactly what it does.

Through a state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment with medical certification, we can treat ambulatory localized fat deposits. The big innovation that we have managed to put in place consists in keeping the surgical cannulas absolutely cold. Even working for ten hours continuously the temperature would never exceed 26 degrees.

This means that all the retractions are absolutely natural, not having generated protein denaturation of the dermis.

The method is now consolidated (30,000 treatments) and does not present any critical issues. The cannulas of 2 mm in diameter and of variable length (14cm, 18cm, 32cm) are smoothed making it impossible to generate gaseous embolisms. The ultrasound is emitted only at the tip with a radius of action of 2.5 x 3 cm ensuring tissue homogeneity unlike traditional liposuction or other methods such as lipolaser etc. It should also be emphasized that many plastic surgeons have appreciated the possibility of defining the areas treated previously even with other methods.


It works?

MICROLIPO 2 mm is an electromedical device used in the emulsion of excess adipose tissue of the chin, abdominal, trochanteric, hip, inner knee and more generally of all the body areas where the so-called “Localized Adiposity” is found.

The mechanism of action is respectful of the anatomical structures surrounding the adipocytes, target of the ultrasounds emitted by the device, with draining effects on the vascular and lymphatic system.

The particular shape of the cannula, completely full and rounded, with double exponential profile, minimizes trauma to the surrounding tissues even during the initial tunneling maneuver of the area to be treated: by dividing the tissues and the fibrous branches the cavitational cannula acts without damaging them regardless of the speed of execution of the procedure.

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An innovative method for treating fibrous cellulite.

Thanks to the use of a medical device generating ultrasounds in a range of 37/42 Kz and of a titanium probe of only 1 mm in diameter inserted in the cellulite depression, the fibrous tissue is disrupted and the overlying skin is regularized.

The treatment is very easy to perform. It’s an in office procedure and no blade incisions are requested.

The peculiarity of the treatment consists in the complete absence of heating of the probe: any tissue damage is avoided, while a production of type 3 collagen occures.

A compression garments is not necessary.

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